Our Team

Ina2Ina van Smaalen

Email: info@qi-rising.com

Website: www.qi-rising.com

Location: Zutphen, The Netherlands

All my life I have been interested in how things work. It brought me to explore life in many ways. More than 30 years I was involved in education. In the last  20 years I have been learning about myself and and working on my patterns. As a result, I am a happier person and I am able to share this knowledge and experience with other people through my teaching work. Yuan Tze’s teachings brought everything I have learned together and helped me continue to make progress.

AnnekeAnneke de Graaf

Email: annekedegraaf@ziggo.nl

Website: www.yuangongleimuiden.nl

Location: Leimuiden, The Netherlands

Through the teachings of Ren Xue I get a better understanding of life. By practising Yuan Gong I feel healthier and more stable. The unification of body and mind makes me feel more natural and vibrant. I want to develop my consciousness to be a true human and inspire others. Once a year I follow the teachers training in New Zeeland.

RuneRune Lekkerkerker

Email: contact@shendaohealing.com

Website: www.shendaohealing.com

Location: Totnes, Devon, United Kingdom

Most of my life has been dedicated to uplifting myself to help others. I’ve practiced Tai Chi and Wushu from the age of 15, and not long after that I started studying Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I now work as a TCM-Therapist, Yi-Qi Therapist and Qigong teacher. I feel it is a gift to be able to help others and I truly love what I do.