Ren Xue Retreat 2016

Ren Xue Yuan Gong Retreat in the Netherlands

11-17 June 2016

After last years success we’re happy to announce the new retreat for 2016!

We would like to invite you to build a strong and loving Qi-field with us for healing.

This fun, lively and powerful Qi-field is a great opportunity to work on deep rooted patterns in order to improve the quality.

Group Healing

Receiving Qi in the powerful Qifield Yuan Tze builds for healing is an amazing experience. This is a real treat especially for those who have health issues to deal with.

Work on the Consciousness

As in every retreat Yuan Tze holds, the work on the consciousness is always a focus. This is because it plays a vital role in our wellbeing. In the morning lectures, Yuan Tze will share his wisdom about life and answer questions students have for their continual growth. His teachings are practical and useful for dealing with the problems we may have in life. The strong Qifield will be supporting the learning and helping students to gain insight and make breakthroughs on their development of the consciousness. This activity is always one of the highlights of the Ren Xue retreats.

Holiday park “EIGENWIJZE”
Schoterpad 1, BANT (Noord oost polder)
The Netherlands

There are two kinds of cabins available:

Luxurious houses (2 bathrooms and 3 or 4 rooms with 2 single beds):

  • Single Room: €825,00*   1 room left!
  • Double Room: € 750,00*  1 room left!

Fisherman cabin (1 bathroom and 3 rooms with 2 single beds):

  • Single Room:  € 750,00*
  • Double Room:  € 685,00*

* Price includes meals and retreat costs, bed linen are excluded.

How to get to the venue

Bant is a small village that is a bit remote, this makes it somewhat difficult get to by public transport. This is the best way to get there:

Trains leave every half hour from the airport Schiphol in the direction of Zwolle, your last stop is Lelystad. Trains leave at 3 minutes and 33 minutes past the hour from platform 1-2.

It takes 45 min to get to Lelystad. From there you take the #140 bus towards Emmeloord, which is your final destination. This takes about 40 min to get there.

At this point you will still be 10 min away from the venue, and this can be a tricky part. If you know your arrival time in Emmeloord, please let us know with good notice and we will arrange for someone to pick you up from there.

Schiphol airport: train platform 1-2
Emmeloord busstation: Bus # 140

We are still working on the full programme for next year!

Phil’s Ren Yuan experience

“For me the Ren Yuan Qigong method has just the right amount and mix of everything – movement/stillness, stretching/relaxation, dynamics and coverage of the whole body, and internal focus and mind activity.

One of the best things is that is interesting and fun to do yet really works well in making the body and Qi strong. A lot of body/mind Qigong forms and postures I’ve practised over the years have been very physically demanding. I have found that Ren Yuan achieves a very smooth and balanced body strength and stamina with less effort. Any person, well or unwell, young or old, can get great benefits and enjoy doing the practise. This is somewhat of a revelation!

In other words it is perfectly sculptured for the modern person. It is suitable for beginner Qigong practitioners as well as to the advanced. Ren Yuan has a unique Xin Fa (internal activity), which enables a very good connection of mind, body and Qi.

You can feel Qi deeply and the mind can gain entry to a very connected, calm and joyful state. Lastly, it’s a great way to get to know yourself better, maybe you’ll realise potential you didn’t even know you had!”

Blythe’s retreat experience

“The 2014 retreat at Wonder Valley Ranch was deeply transformative. Fourteen years ago I was diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer.

At the end of 2012 and again in early summer of 2013, I received western medicine’s treatment for the cancer with which I was diagnosed. Each time involved my receiving Rituxan via IV once a day for five days. Rituxan has a half-life (time it takes for half of the drug to exit your system) of about 76 hours after the first infusion and 205 hours after the fourth infusion. Rituxan may sometimes be found even 3-6 months after therapy is completed. I don’t know how long the drug stayed in my body after the second round of treatment. What I do know is that tumor shrinkage didn’t continue beyond a month after treatment ended, maybe less. I was left with one tumor that I could palpate, in my upper right leg. It stayed at the shrunken post-treatment size until the Ren Xue Healing retreat at Wonder Valley in April 2014, long after any remainingRituxan would have left my body.

The new Yuan Gong forms taught at the retreat are powerful beyond anything I could have imagined. They are easy to learn, fun to do and effective even when I had to modify how I did them. Between them, Yuan Tze teaches in great depth not just about the physical and Qi aspects of Qigong, but also about the internal healing of our selves, our consciousness. In the two weeks of the retreat, I experienced physical healing; the leg left swollen with lymphedema from the cancer treatment is now almost normal size. During the retreat the tumor shrank, at a rough guess, to half of the size it had been when I arrived. I also came away with a much deeper understanding of how to live, how to practice and how to continue to deepen my practice.

On December 8th I saw my oncologist again for bloodwork and a check-up. My bloodwork showed no cancer markers. Everything was perfect. My oncologist was unable to feel any tumors anywhere. That last holdout is gone. ‘Keep on doing that Qigong’, he told me.”

ED’s experience of the benefits of Ren Yuan

“Today I went on a 9-mile hike with my beautiful daughter in Point Reyes. Two years ago I couldn’t walk around the block, one year ago I was unable to do 10 minutes of Standing Form, and today I effortlessly hiked 9 miles.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say it was a miracle. Gratitude for Yuan Tze, Melissa, and all the teachers who continue to feed our Qifield.

Our classes in CA are filling up – people are interested – and most importantly, the teachers are all teaching from authentic understanding!”

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