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What is Ren Xue?

Ren Xue is a holistic system that draws upon ancient wisdom culture,  contemporary philosophy and modern science to build the foundation for the first science in history to include all aspects of human life. Ren Xue draws knowledge from Traditional Chinese Wisdom Culture such as Daoism, Confucianism, Qigong, Buddhism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, I-Ching philosophy, Feng Shui, Taiji, Bagua, and Martial Arts along with modern philosophy, medical science, science and technology.

The heart and intention of Yuan Tze Ren Xue is to offer an art and science to improve and elevate life. This inspirational system of teachings and practices provides us with tools that can help us to heal ourselves and our world community on the deepest level, the level of true life cultivation. Ren Xue offers us a path that can improve every aspect of life, including our health, our consciousness and our relationships with each other and with nature.

Why Ren Xue was created

Through decades of practice, research, teaching and healing Yuan Tze, the creator of Ren Xue, became very aware that even Qigong and Qi healing often have only temporary effects. In his endeavour to find effective solutions to human problems, including health problems, he recognized that the lack of understanding of life and nature is at the very root of these problems. This lack of understanding leads to thoughts and actions that disrupt the balance of human life and nature, and results in problems on the individual as well as the collective level. Improving understanding is therefore necessary, and using effective and practical tools based on the authentic understanding of life is essential if our efforts to deal with problems are to be successful.

Motivated by a vision of true change for the individual and for society, Yuan Tze saw the need to create a system for human life, a system that provides information which can help people to gain deep and comprehensive understanding of life and methods that can be used to deal with problems effectively. Yuan Tze’s answer was the creation of the system called ‘Human Life Science’, or Yuan Tze Ren Xue. This system is distilled from the extensive knowledge and wisdom he has gained, the various methods he has practiced since he was very young and his experiences in teaching and healing.

Yuan Tze hopes that Ren Xue can offer a path that provides every person with the potential to change the course of their lives and human society with the potential to develop beyond the current limitations.

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