Yuan Gong

Yuan Gong

Yuan Gong & Yuan Tze Ren Xue

Yuan Gong is one of the fundamental tools that Ren Xue offers us to improve our health and wellbeing. Beautiful, effective, and easy to learn, Yuan Gong helps to improve overall health while Ren Xue offers the theoretical base and practical tools to transform consciousness. Together, Yuan Gong and Ren Xue provide a comprehensive system to transform the whole of life.

The Background and Rationale for Creating Yuan Gong

Qigong practice has been used as an important tool on the basic level of Ren Xue because it can effectively help people improve their Qi condition. A better Qi condition is the base for better physical and mental health. For life improvement, it is a good place to start. Over the years of using a borrowed system, it became clear that Ren Xue needs a Qigong system that is highly compatible on every level. For example on the theoretical level, the Qigong system used in Ren Xue should share the theoretical foundation of Ren Xue. On the practical level, the Qigong practices should also reflect that. This consistency is essential for the integrity and efficacy of Ren Xue.

Ren Xue is a comprehensive system for life improvement. It is intended to reach and benefit as many people as possible. Because Qigong is the beginning of Ren Xue experience, it is therefore important to have a Qigong system that is highly accessible. Furthermore, this Qigong system should be reasonably easy so that new practitioners can build a consistent practice, which will then allow them the opportunity to further explore Ren Xue. In other words, giving up soon after starting Qigong practice will not allow them to the stage of getting to know Ren Xue and using it to improve their lives. It also became apparent that modern people do not find it easy to commit to a Qigong practice that is difficult to practice, hard to enjoy or too time-consuming.

All in all, Ren Xue urgently needed a Qigong system that complements it on every level and the natural outcome of this need was the creation of Yuan Gong, a system of forms and practices that is:

  • easy to learn and perform
  • enjoyable
  • easy to fit into the busy lifestyle of our modern times
  • most importantly, effective

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