Yuan Tze

Yuan Tze was born Bin Liu but chose the name Yuan Tze as his name for life cultivation.



Created Yuan Gong, the Qigong system belonging to Ren Xue, and began using Yuan Gong to reach more people in the world

2002 – 2012

Arrived in New Zealand and started to promote Ren Xue. Built the foundation of Ren Xue by:

  • Developing a professional Ren Xue team
  • Creating the basic framework and content of Ren Xue
  • Creating teaching materials in various media such as CDs and DVDs
  • Spreading Ren Xue to different parts of the world and verifying the validity of Ren Xue through practitioners’ experiences

1992 – 2002

Became fully committed to:

  • Continuing to deepen his learning, exploration and understanding
  • Being fully engaged in the work of helping people deal with illness and all kinds of problems in life
  • Exploring the fundamental nature and laws of life and the universe and the fundamental solutions to human problems
  • Examining the possibility of creating a discipline for human life – Ren Xue


Deepened his exploration, learning, understanding as well as the practice and application of Qigong and other related disciplines belonging to the Chinese wisdom culture, including Daoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Qigong, the martial arts and traditional Chinese medicine

1972 -1982

Started to learn and practice the doctrines and practices above more seriously and to apply them on a basic level

1962 – 1972

Was exposed to, and fascinated by, the above traditional disciplines


Born in a coastal town in the Jiangsu province of China